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The current phenomenon of man-made climate change is an unparalleled failure of markets, politics, and morality.  Abating climate change and grappling with the dire consequences of climate change already set in motion is an effort of previously unknown scale and complexity.  BCR supports development of resiliency  and transition to sustainability with knowledge.  BCR derives knowledge from public information, from communities of interest, and from innovative actions.  BCR's services support effective market function, public policy, and corporate policy. 

BCR complements scientific and actuarial research to achieve change in markets, governments, and corporations.  BCR has worked in partnership with these organizations and others to drive change toward sustainability:

  • 350MA - Driving campaign-focused initiatives connecting and organizing a grassroots effort to address climate change and build a future beyond fossil fuels.
  • Climate Action Now - Working though direct action to raise awareness of climate change and transition to a renewable energy economy.
  • Fossil Fuel Divest - Supporting the movement to divest from the fossil fuel industry through education and non-violent social action.
  • Avon Hill Group - BCR has an emerging initiative with Avon Hill Group to enable transition of industry to increased sustainability by delivering analysis and insights, 

BCR was founded by Malcolm David Bliss in 2012 with a vision of organizing concerned professionals in addressing specific priorities, based on services and end-products reflecting high-quality contributions from BCR associates and independent consultants.  

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Boston Climate Research    127 Raymond Street    Cambridge MA USA    +1-617-661-6338

Knowledge unites us.  If we unite, we can succeed.              
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