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Across a broad field of vision, BCR, in conjunction with its clients, focuses action on selected priorities,

Resiliency for Businesses via Engagement in Local Government Adaptation Programs (BCR Corporate Policy Practice, BCR Public Policy Practice)

Employers in any city need to know what their exposure is to extreme weather. They need to know their exposure given increasing frequency of extreme weather and they need to know if government adaptation investments will protect critical business assets. BCR helps businesses engage in government adaptation programs to ensure adaptation plans reflect and appropriately protect key business assets. 

Investment Disclosures by Fossil Fuel Companies (BCR Markets Practice, BCR Public Policy Practice)

Information provided by fossil fuel companies to investors is inconsistent.  Examination of disclosures in view of SEC 17 CFR 211, 231, 241 and related FASB guidelines indicates that varying interpretations of guidelines creates an uneven playing field that introduces bias into investment decisions and markets..

Collaboration in Building Resiliency (BCR Markets Practice, BCR Public Policy Practice)

Investments in resiliency reduce losses to extreme weather. Cities, real estate owners and developers, and insurers all have expertise to contribute to resiliency.  Collaboration among these parties produce more effective loss reduction.  ICLEI guidelines for developing resiliency can be expanded as a basis for creating incentives and opportunities for collaboration.   

Climate Response in Investment Decision Making (BCR Markets Practice)

Decisions and policy development about investing in solutions and divesting from fossil fuel holdings are complex.  A wide range of actors will participate through stages in a decision making and strategy development process.  Speed and quality of decision making is influenced by availability of information, and interaction of the actors.

Managing Pensions and Endowments without Fossil Fuel Holdings (BCR Corporate Policy and Compliance Practice)

Investment portfolio managers work to maximize returns, but within the context of an increasing number of social responsibility screens.  Increasingly, they are exploring and moving toward portfolios without fossil fuel holdings.  Offerings and experience related to fossil-fuel-free portfolio management are evolving rapidly.

Partnerships for Climate Responsibility (BCR Corporate Policy and Compliance Practice)

The climate-related changes sweeping governments, the economy, and society means new organizations and ways of living are emerging.  In this new transitioning world, identifying and structuring the right partnerships is  key to avoiding redundancy and achieving common goals.  

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