Boston Climate Research

BCR manages expertise in the domains that most effect human contribution to climate change and preparations for the effects of climate change.  In each practice area, BCR works with clients on:

  • Identifying social causes of climate change and curtailing climate change
  • Becoming sustainable in the face of climate change
  • Becoming resilient in anticipation of severe weather events 
BCR's practices share a common framework for analysis and planning:
  • Information - What information is available and how does it influence?
  • Actors - Who can participate in shaping the future and in what capacity?
  • Actor Personification - What are the motivations and capabilities of the actors?
BCR Markets Practice

Financial and industrial markets determine how resources contribute to global warming or the prevention of global warming.  BCR helps clients understand the factors that influence market behavior.  With that understanding, BCR prepares its clients with the best strategy and execution plans to participate in those markets.

BCR's Markets Practice includes the project, "Weak Disclosure on Climate Risks: Challenges for Investors and Markets". BCR's outcomes reflect thorough research, deep insights, and clear communication.  As an example of our work please see Weak Disclosure on Climate Risks

BCR has completed a study of the consumer competitive electricity supply market in Massachusetts, One result of the study is Consumer Guide to Choosing an Electricity Generator in Massachusetts

BCR Public Policy Practice

Public policy sets ground rules for private decision making.  Understanding and shaping public policy requires breadth and depth of knowledge.  BCR offers detailed qualitative analysis of policies and future policy scenarios to reveal impact on individuals, organizations, nations, and the global community.  

BCR's Public Policy Practice Work includes contribution to the legislative process for the State of Maine relating to responsible investing screens for state funds. BCR has participated in the review and comment phase of divestment legislation, resulting in a legislation draft for the State of MaineMaine Divestment Legislation  

BCR is creating a new vision for how cities will adapt to climate change Aligning City-Centric Climate Adaptation

BCR is supporting democratic process and the growth of the climate movement through initiatives such as People's Assembly on the Climate Crisis People's Assembly on the Climate Crisis and
Survey of 2013 Candidates for Massachusetts 5th Congressional District

BCR Corporate Policy and Compliance Practice

Large enterprises are taking on responsibility for curtailing climate change and also working toward sustainability in the face of climate change.  Their initiatives are planned and executed in an environment of "knowns", "unknowns" and certain change.  BCR works with enterprises to define the environment, and plan appropriate contingencies in defining executing strategies.

BCR's Corporate Policy and Compliance Practice work includes research of wind turbine permitting requirements and process. 

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Focus and specialization accelerate learning and keep BCR

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