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BCR's research services produce quality results in a timely manner.  We will work with you to chose the right services for your needs.

Distill Knowledge from Public Information

There is a vast amount of public information, and you need to know the answers buried in that information.  Distilling those answers requires knowing where to look, and the right approach.  Careful planning is the foundation for producing quality results quickly.  BCR uses public information from the U.S. SEC, U.S. DOE, State regulators, State Departments of Insurance, the U.S. EPA, secondary sources, and other publicly available information to get the answers you need.  Accessing the information is only the beginning of BCR research designs.  Gathering the right pieces of information to build confidence in outcomes, correlate findings, and knowing when to update the research design are BCR keys to producing quality results.

Distill Knowledge from Communities of Interest

Subject matter experts and key opinion leaders in your field of investigation have highly-valuable insights.  Engaging them in the most effective way to elicit response is essential to achieve accurate understanding within limited windows of time.  Exposing them to the ideas of others in the community using a BCR Forum or BCR Panel enhances research results.  Insights gained from Subject Matter Experts and Key Opinion Leaders will contain inconsistencies. BCR maintains integrity while reconciling the inconsistencies.  The resulting conclusions are sharp and accurate.

Align Knowledge and Action

Knowledge is discovered and applied on the front lines of action.  When you are undertaking new initiatives, you want to learn and apply new knoweldge every step of the way. You need to be ready to capture information, understand the knowledge in that information, and apply the knowledge, quickly.  Whether plans are moving ahead as expected or course correction are considered, you want confident understanding of progress.  BCR will work with you to plan using best available knowledge from BCR, from your organization, and from third parties.  BCR will execute initiatives with you to accelerate the learning that keeps you on track. 

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Our research designs use "impact objectives" and "research

scoreboards" so that research effort achieves your goals.

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